Focused on supporting organizations talent structure remodeling, Proposito/TRANSEARCH offers specialized services, with emphasis on three main pillars: CAREER TRANSITION, LEADERSHIP IN TIMES OF CRISIS and SUCCESSION PLANNING.


Based on modern career transition trends, Proposito offers a differentiated program of evaluation, repositioning and career guidance for professionals in transition: ATC – Career Transition Assistance.

The main goal is to support career transitions through a program that includes profile assessment, definition of objectives and aspirations, strengths and skills to be developed, identification of opportunities and assistance in the development of a new career cycle.



Crisis and uncertainties management, reaction capacity, self-management, home-office work, remote team leadership, resilience, productivity, engagement maintenance and time management are some of the challenges faced by organizations and their talent teams.

Focusing on the current uncertainty and changes scenario, we offer individual and team solutions, aiming to generate support and structure for leaders. Our solutions include impartial mediation for crisis committees with a focus on interpersonal relationships, as well as assessment, development and monitoring of key competencies (as assertive communication, resilience, emotional balance and active listening), as well as support for the virtual format of interaction.



Our succession services include the potential assessment of shareholders or executives, focusing on the level of readiness, maturity and suitability to take on new challenges within organizations. Our assessment methodology has a systemic approach and includes development potential, technical skills, current and desired competencies, 360 assessment, resilience and productivity profile, as well as attitude and seniority.

As part of succession management, we offer mentoring programs, strategic sparing and coaching for executives, shareholders and heirs, competency development plans with the creation of indicators and historical monitoring, as well as customized plans according to the reality of each organization, always supported by the assessment stage.