With specific focus on talent succession management, PROPOSITO/TRANSEARCH offers specialized services for transition and changes in command, focusing on the following key areas: assessment, development, and transition.


Assessment services include the potential appraisal of shareholders and/or executives, according to the reality and needs of each company. The shareholder assessment is made in succession and professionalization processes in organizations, in which heirs from family groups are evaluated for executive positions, with unbiased and professional approach. Similarly, heir preparation projects can benefit from a methodology of assessment and development, including coaching and mentoring. As for executives, our methodologies provide support for succession planning and successors development.

In such cases, the evaluation is systemic and includes potential appraisal, competences, present and desired skills, profile of resilience and productivity, as well as attitude and seniority.


In the development arena as part of succession management, we carry out mentoring and coaching programs for executives, shareholders and heirs, competence-based development plans as well as customized succession plans, always supported by the initial assessment phase.


In the transition arena, we offer a unique solution for organizational structure adjustments: ATC – Assessment of Career Transition.

ATC aims to evaluate the professional in terms of their goals, aspirations, strengths and competences, as well as gaps to be developed. The result is an action plan supported by experts, in which the professional in transition is the protagonist of his career change with maturity, active posture and responsibility in the creation of a new targeted career cycle.